The first 3 years

Anyone who has been married any amount of time will tell you that the first few years can be rough. It really is an adventure, but as all adventures go they have their ups and downs. Well we had been married 3 years and to be quite honest, we were at the lowest point we could go. Life was not good at any level and by all indications, it was about to get worse. Now some people today have seen Betty and I fight. We are not one of these couples who keep it all behind closed doors. We know we make people uncomfortable when we do fight - but we not going to let people look at us and say that we have a "perfect" marriage and all is going well. Hey, sometimes all doesn't go well and something is going to get done about it. If you are one of those people who have saw us fight, let me be blunt. That's nothing compared to our third year of marriage. If we had lived anywhere else, I do believe that we would have had the cops called on us - but they were afraid of the neighborhood we lived in and so they left us all alone.

In that third year we finally had enough and sat down to with a Yellow Pages book to find a cheap divorce lawyer. We were done! Now before you get all spiritual on me now let's understand something. Hell doesn't want your marriage to make it and it will do all that it can to destroy it. We were young and immature, we didn't know what we were suppose to be doing, but we sure did have a good idea that we were doing it wrong. There in the middle of the living room floor, as we were looking for a lawyer I asked Betty, "Do you really want to do this?" and she said, "no." Smartest question I have ever asked. I closed the book and held her tight. The Captain and Teneal were right. Love will keep us together.