How do you make connections? Before you dismiss this a boring read a little further. Without connections you have no future. Nothing, Zip, Zero. If we don't make connections with other people in business, we go broke. If we don't make connections with peers, we become lonely. Well I think you get the picture. So how do you make connections? Connections with God? Connections with wisdom? Connections with your world?

How we make connections determines our quality of life, how we worship God, how we learn and most definitely how we hope. So how do you make connections?

Remember that telephone jack you have in the wall that something is plugged into that makes phones ring? When that is working properly, the line is clear and much can be done. But when the jack become compromised in some way life is full of static and problematic. So my next few blog entries are going to address this very subject.

Connecting to God
Connecting to people
Connecting to wisdom
Connecting to this world


Anonymous said…
I am looking forward to the answers! Laura