Connecting with People

I think writing this on Saturday is a perfect time. Tomorrow is Sunday and new opportunities to make new connections are going to be made available to us. Probably out of all the connections that we have to make, personal ones are the hardest. However, they are the most rewarding. Now before you start writing that email accusing me of insulting God, hear me out.

One of the ways that God connects to us is through each other. Look at 1 Cor 12 for example. The Holy Spirit reigns within our bodies and uses us to minister the love and power of God into other peoples lives. Our relationship with other fellow believers is a extension of God's love to us.

So how do we connect to each other? It's more than verbal or social skills. It's about:
1. Value. Add value to another persons life by investing yours into them.
2. Care. Compassion has a powerful effect on someone. When you show them genuine compassion, you will make a friend for life.
3. Love. Our culture really doesn't understand what love is. We know it's value because we look for it everywhere, but few find it. Why? Because few people really have it.
4. Hope. I choose the word hope for a reason. Sure we are suppose to forgive each other. The truth be known, that is the easiest thing to do. It's trusting people that is tough. Invest hope into people. That not only they will be restored, but that your relationship with them will be restored too.

Go beyond the handshake, the texting and the pleasantries. Make a friend and see where God leads your relationship this time! Be brave and make a connection.