Connecting with God

First of all, a word about connections. Making connections with people is easy, right? Wrong. But we have texting, cell phones, email and smoke signals!?! These things only make connections possible, not easier. In a day and time when we want it faster, easier, quicker, safer and nicer - connections have never and will never be that way. That is why they are so important!

So how do we connect with God? Here is rule #1 in making all connections. You will only make a connection when you do it they way the connectee wants it done. If you are going to plug your telephone in, you don't get an extension cord. If you want to talk to a Russian native, you don't speak Spanish. The success of making connections is discovering how to make a connection with someone (in this case God).

So how do we connect with God.
#1 - The Bible. In the Bible God tells us how we can connect with Him. He put all the answers to all of your questions in there.
#2 - Prayer. Talk to God as if you were talking to your best friend. Do it with respect and honesty. People think that if you tell God your struggles, doubts and problems that He will reject you. Are you kidding me? He loves it!! Tell God how He can make a connection with you!! If you need a specific answer to a specific question - ask Him!
#3 - Salvation. This is the BIG one! Connecting with Him in your heart! Asking Jesus into your life, into your heart, to be the sovereign purpose and direction for everything!! Asking Him to forgive you of your sins. There is a connection that will change the rest of your life - FOREVER!
#4 - Worship. Heartfelt, passionate worship! Worship is powerful way to make a connection to Him. Worship isn't a ritual to go through, it is an experience to be enjoyed!! Emotions connect us to God and He will touch our lives in such a way that will move us. FYI - Worship God the way He wants to be worshipped, not the way you want to.
#5 - Holy Spirit. I love this one! The Holy Spirit, third member of the Trinity is here to occupy our lives. To guide us, lead us, direct our lives. But if we don't make a connection He will never be able to do those thing and we are left to live life like wandering in the dark.
#6 - The Church. The Bible says that followers of Jesus are the "body of Christ." In others words, God makes a connection to us through His people. The easiest example I know of this is found in 1 Cor 12. Here Paul tells us that ordinary people who follow Jesus will be used of God to speak or do things that will directly effect our lives. In Eph 4 he goes on to tell us that there will be those called of God into a life time of service for Him. Their job? Helping you make a connection with Him.

Then is it no surprise that the greatest attacks we see on the church and His followers today is in these areas? Satan knows that if he can keep you from connecting with God, that your relationship with Him will have little to no value. So what are you excuses that keep you or your family from connecting with Him.

How do you know that you have made a connection? That's easy! When you plug the phone jack in, you get a dial tone and the privilege of hearing someone else's voice at the other end of the line! When you connect with God you get to hear his voice! You will experience His joy in your life! You will know His wisdom and guidance through life's hurdles. You will know a satisfaction within your heart that will give you hope!