Back from District Council

What a ride that was!! I really did enjoy this years DC. (And yes there are a few I would like to forget, especially the one where I got sick at.) I've attended quite a few of these and I think that this was the first time that we had 2 in a row in the same place. Orlando was a great town to have it in and of course we will be back there in August for General Council.

I am excited about our new Assistant Sup. Ed Russo. Congrats Ed! (No I am not trying get on his good side.) I do believe that he will bring a new dimension to the district that will be complimentary and valuable. But remember. These things take time. So allow him luxury to "learn the ropes" before you loose patience.

This years speakers, to quote the great motivational speaker Tony the Tiger, were GGGGGGGRRRRREEEEAAAAT! Our General Superintendent George Wood really did speak to the heart of the Assemblies of God and Pentecost in general. If you didn't get to see it I would suggest calling Calvary Assembly of God in Winter Park and ask for a DVD copy of the Monday night service. Let me add a PS to this thought. God has been dealing with my heart on this issue for the last few weeks. In fact I preached on this very thing last Sunday! No I did not do it as well as Bro. Wood did, but none the less, God is up to something.

Getting to speak at this years Wisdom Conference was a blast! I really did enjoy it and I hope that everyone was able to walk away with something. You can scroll down the page and click on the link to get a copy of my notes. If they are not detailed enough for you, let me know and I'll send you some more.

The cutest thing I saw at DC happen to my daughter Anneka. Sunday night we saw Mike Barnhill and his whole family. Their 3 year old daughter Rebecca and her hit it off right on the spot. They would run and play to their hearts content. Then I discovered that Rebecca speaks little to no English (The Barnhills serve in Siberia) and Anneka knows no Russian. The language barrier never slowed them down.


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