And we have a winner!

Our bid was accepted yesterday. Don't know why it took so long, but who cares - right? There is something to be said about patience and it's value to us. As long as we don't have what we want, we get irritable. As soon as we get what we want - POOF! Our disposition changes! It's like a woman years ago who at a church dinner went to get a another piece of chocolate cake and came back with the whole thing. When the rest of us protested all she said was, "Step away from the cake and nobody will get hurt." We believed her! (I banned chocolate cakes from church for a while after that.)

The opposite of patience is impatience. The problem that we run into isn't that we are impatient, it's just that we have a bad attitude about patience. If we are impatient, then we would be doing something hurry the process of whatever is bugging us along. When we are being patient during the process, we wait for what is going to happen - but do we complain, gripe and whine the whole time? Patience isn't so much a test of our ability to wait as it is a test of our attitude and values. If we really believe that we are doing the right thing, then we wait - without all the fuss and mess we create with a bad attitude.

Now with that said, I must offer the following disclaimer, or I will be sleeping on a pew tonight. Betty was anxious to learn the fate of our offer on the house. Her attitude was never bad (ok a little irritating but not that bad). She was excited! She didn't have a bad attitude about waiting, she just wanted to know.


Betty said…
OH! You are good!