And more houses!!

I telling you that I am doing everything else I am suppose to be doing, but it seems that all I do is look at houses! Tall ones, fat ones, short ones, nice ones and some that are absolutely ugly to the bone. Some of them I don't know how they did it, but they never vacuumed the carpet (no I am not joking). I am convinced that everyone who goes to the paint store has to take a eye test for color blindness. I almost fell though a rotten deck that was attached to an above ground pool that had holes in it.

There is one spiritual lesson that I have learned through all of this. Patience. If you are going to own a home, you had better be patient. Live on concrete and save your money for the good flooring (have it professionally installed if you can't do it yourself). Pay for the good paint and don't get in a hurry to finish. Pay for the better cabinets! Believe me, I can see the difference. If it is broken, fix it right the first time! Save your money if you have to, but don't buy junk AC units or junk appliances.

If you are going to build your house on a good foundation (Matt 7 ) take the time to build it right! It all that you are going to leave your kids when your gone. And if your spiritual heritage looks like some of the houses I've been in - God help you!


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