What's The Point?

Last Sunday I announced that the Holy Spirit had changed my series of message for the month of May. The title of this series is "What's The Point?"

Now simply, we need to answer the question, "What The Point?" about being a Christian, the existence of the Church and the reason why we do what we do.

I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ, here in America, is at a crossroad. They are asking who are they and what do they really believe? In recent months the church has struggled to make its voice heard, the elections seemed to send a message that this country really doesn't want or think that it needs the church. Atheists are pounding their pulpits all across our university campus' in this country saying that religion is the cause of our societies ills. Every day we see the church being marginalized in our society.

Last Sunday I preached about the last words that Jesus spoke on this earth. That how in Acts 1:8 represents who the church is and who we are. But how do we make Acts 1:8 a reality? How do we see Jer. 29:11 happen in our lives? What are we suppose to be doing today and how can we make a difference today?