Today we prequalify

What have I learned about house hunting so far?

- There is a guy named "pending" and why is he buying all the houses I like?
- There are ugly houses and some houses are ugly to the bone.
- The phrase "What were they thinking when they did that?" is spoken quite often.
- Who thought up the names of some of these streets and would you live on Dileo Ave?
- 12 x 12 is a master bedroom? and my favorite....
- Handyman special is code for " Oh Lord No! "

Today we get to pre-qualify. This is a little odd to me, but apparently they will not let you in the house without it. I understand that the relators don't want to waste their time on people who don't have any money. The part that strikes me odd is the celebration that usually follows pre-qualifying. "You are pre-qualified $200,000!!!!" and your thinking to yourself, "Wow, and all I do is deliver pizzas for Dominos." Just because you get 200 grand, doesn't mean your suppose to spend all of it.

Thank God I have a really, really, really good relator! She can guide me through this mine field without getting blown up! (Believe me I have the scars from previous experiences to prove it.) So away we gooooooo!