More House Hunting

No wonder Jesus didn't own a house. It would have taken him a few years to find one that everyone would have liked. We looked in some new areas today - we also found some possibilities. I am going to download the pics tonight, sleep on it and look at them again tomorrow.

Here is what I have learned so far.

- Price means nothing. Some houses are priced to sell and some are priced for stupid. That would be the person who would be stupid enough to pay that much for it.

- People are mean. We went in one house where they took the door knobs, the cabinets, the light fixtures and anything else they can get out of the house.

- Paint people paint. Here is the rule. If you want the house to sell, paint it and paint it well. Do not, I mean don't even think about using cheap paint.

- I do feel for some of these people who are losing their house. They really put a lot into these homes and I can tell that they weren't finished. If you are one of those people all I can say is I've been there and done that. Don't worry, you will recover - I promise.