I Need Your Help!

I could use your help for our Easter services this Sunday. The theme of our Easter service is, "New Beginnings". The question I would like for you to answer is, What has Jesus done for you that gave you a new beginning? It could be your health, your marriage, your future or your life. Your testimony will be incorporated into the powerpoint portion of my sermon and altar call for Easter Sunday. Just follow these instructions.

1) Email to: pastorruss@bellsouth.net

2) In 10 words or so write down what Jesus has done for you. (i.e. He saved my marriage. He delivered me from drugs. He released me from depression - etc.)

3) If you can, please include a pic of yourself. It helps the testimony be more credible when people can put a face to the praise. (Only first names will be used in the presentation.)

4) Send it to me.

I will let you know how it goes next Sunday.