Hunting is Exhausting!

We looked at five houses yesterday. I have pics, but they are bad. I will take a different camera next time that will do a better job. House 1 is a possibility, House 2 was bad to the bone (bye,bye). House 3 was different. A short sale, but think of it as a blank canvas. It is just exactly they way the builder made it in 03. House 4, lots of room and lots of work! Not crazy about the location. House 5 was a surprise. Very inexpensive but was in great condition. Very small though.

What have I learned so far?

- If you live next door to someone trying to sell their house. Do them a favor and clean up your backyard.

- Your yapping dog may be cute to you, but it isn't to me. (Sorry, dog lovers.)

- I am painting something, somewhere soon - there's no getting around it.

- Why are all the mirrors in most of these houses missing?