Good Friday

Why is it called Good Friday? What is good about it? My Savior was crucified on this day. A tragedy of truly Biblical proportions. Evil wins, the world wins and hope losses. What is good about all of this? Nobody really has a clear answer on how we came to putting "good" in front of Friday. There are a number of other languages which have other titles for this day. The Germans for example call this Mourning Friday. Anyhow, there are a couple of thoughts I would like for you to ponder about.

A) Have you taken the time to think about what Jesus did for you today? You might Google the medical aspects of a crucifixion, if you don't understand it. That should help you understand what Jesus physically did to save your life.

B) Do you live in Friday or Sunday? Some people are all about the cross. That isn't a bad thing unless you leave Sunday out of the picture. Jesus isn't on the cross and He isn't in the tomb either! Somebody say AMEN!


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