Divine Appointments

I believe that it was George Wood who said that God makes divine appointments for you. You know these kind of appointments. You didn't schedule them, in fact you didn't even see them coming. They are never convenient. But they are some of the most precious and most important that you will ever have. You never have time for them, but the reward is well worth it.

So how do you have a divine appointment? First of all admit that God doesn't care that much about your day planner. He has one too and His is more important than yours. Second, make sure that your attitude is as follows. People are more important that your schedule. Attitude is everything and if yours stinks, forget it - you're going to miss out on a bunch of divine appointments. Thirdly, LISTEN!! You will never know what the divine appointment is for unless you listen. Some people can come right to the point, some have to work up the courage to do it. Listen for what is going on and show some love along the way. Fourthly, realize that God did this, and if God did this it is important. Treat it that way! For some reason only you can be the solution to a need that they are presenting. God is asking you to help Him do something. Be the body of Christ!!

There, you have your instructions for a divine appointment. The next time God sends you one, concede the rest of your schedule and go with it! You will be blessed!!