4 Lepers - 2 Kings 7 (Part 2)

Yesterday we learned that the King of Israel was seeking to behead Elisha the prophet. Life in Samaria, which the King of Aram was laying seige to, was so bad that people were cannibalizing their children and eating the heads of donkeys.

As the King of Israel arrives to deal with Elisha ever so severely the prophet, speaking for God says that that time tomorrow they would be buying flour and barley, cheap! One of the officers who came with the king commented that God couldn't do this, to which Elisha replied that God would but that he wouldn't get to partake of this blessing.

Here are a few lessons I can see here:
- The King wanted to kill Elisha, but it was the faithlessness of a officer that got God's attention. As I had said yesterday, we really don't know what set the King of Israel off - but apparently he hadn't lost faith. He was just mad at God. Yet he doesn't get rebuked! Don't lose faith in the midst of economic hard times. When God says He will do something, believe it when I say - He will do it!!

- When God speaks, listen!! Scoffing, (to treat with contemptuous disregard;) isn't tolerated!! Is scoffing at what God says and does a sin? I think so, especially if you should know better. The officer scoffed at Elisha words, and this officer knew that Elisha was the man whom God used to speak on His behalf. Never, never make fun of or scoff at what you see God doing or the message He delivers. Even if you don't like it - to bad.

Do I have a crystal ball that tells me if and when this recession is going to be over? No - but I do know the One who is in charge and will take care of me regardless of this recessions effects. Don't lose faith because of these tough times. Tomorrow, I will show you what you can do instead of retreating.