Why life changes gears.

Just when you think it couldn't go any faster, get any more complicated or challenge you any more, life speeds up! Does it ever slow down? Does it ever get any easier? All of us would love to live in the garden of Eden. After all we were originally created to be there. So I understand that my questions are based on the fact that life was never suppose to be this way in the first place. But there are some things about life that make you go Hmmmmm! Life is about to change gears for me and I'm wondering what it is going to bring? How is this going to change me? What do I need to pay attention to and what do I need to protect myself from? Is there an element of fear here? Oh yes! So is my faith greater than my fears? It isn't that I am living in confusion, if anything I see it all clearly! Clearly enough know when I am looking at a roller coaster! Here are a few things that I know so far when you walk into these situations.

1) The basics are now more important than ever. Don't think for a moment that you can slack off. Its the basics that protect you from disaster.

2) The relationships you have built around you now matter more than ever. To whom much is given, much is required. Friendships are no different. To be trusted by someone is a great honor. What you do with it makes a difference in their lives.

3) Priorities don't change but will be challenged. God, Family, Marriage will be challenged by new priorities in your life. Prepare to put them in their place.

4) Greater sacrifices will be required, but greater blessings we be acquired. The whole point of this is to move on in and through God's will for your life. His will is to prosper you, not to harm you, but to give you hope and a future.