Why is it raining?

To say that I was a little aggravated with God yesterday is putting it mildly. After all we were ready to reroof the church. We have been working on this project for nearly a year. The fruits of our labors were within hours of being grasped. And then, after a 4 or 5 month drought - rain. In case you don't know, roofing and rain don't mix.

What is this all about? Come on God! Just a few days and you can let it rain all you want (with the exception of Noah's Flood). Then it hits me. This isn't about a roof, it's about us (or at least me.) This is His church, not my church. I'm not saying that taking personal ownership in your church is a sin. It's like everything else you have in your life. God gave it to you and you are the steward of it.

So God will re-roof His church when He wants it re-roofed and not a moment before. You know what? I'm OK with that.