Top 10 Reasons to Go to Church

Randy sent this to me from the Fox Forum

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Church
1. It’s a way to get a healthy glow without makeup.

2. Elvis started out in a church choir … so can you.

3. Goodness and mercy will follow you all the rest of your life–which are better than the IRS or FBI.

4. In this economy, it might be good to be hooked up with Someone who can turn water into wine.

5. You can walk down an aisle and approach an altar without having to gain a mother-in-law.

6. The Biblical admonition to “greet one another with a holy kiss” boosts your social life.

7. Hard Times? Kids getting on your nerves? Free coffee and child care at church!

8. The sound of money dropping is the offering, not your stocks.

9. Robes, candles, music…and it’s less expensive than a spa.

10. With April 15 coming, remember, Man does not live by Turbotax alone.

Bill Shuler is the pastor of the Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia.