Sunday Night Thoughts

One of the things that this morning's services reminded me is that life isn't perfect. That's why we give, worship, sacrifice and work for the Kingdom, is because we love Jesus - not because life is turning out the way we want it to.

One of the things that hit me hard this morning was Judas betrayal. When he figured out that Jesus wasn't going deliver on what he thought Jesus should do for him, he betrayed Jesus. How many people do we know that have bailed on Jesus because life wasn't turning out the way that they thought it should? How many of us are guilty?

If Satan can isolate you from Jesus, His Church, His Word and His life that He has in store for you - it will not be long until what the Bible promises will happen to you. Satan will devour you! When life is tough, you have to be ready to run to Jesus - not away.

Something else I didn't mention in this morning sermon that I realized later was this. Extravagant givers deal with the pain of life better than those who don't. When God has asked and received a "painful" offering it places what we lose to life in perspective. When we commit everything to God, even that which is lost to life's tragedies, it is in the hands of God. Mary was an extravagant giver who had lost much - her brother. When Jesus restored Lazarus' life she realized that Jesus was more than a Rabbi, He was the Son of God!!

My goal this week is to give God my best in all that I do. I am not prefect, but that isn't my goal. My best doesn't have to be perfect, just my best.