The Sound of Progress!

The last couple of weeks have been very, very long for me. Not that I didn't want to blog more, just didn't have any time! We closed on the church loan, we have started to put a new metal roof on the building, we purchased the property next door, we held our annual church business meeting and decided to apply for sovereign status. This while doing everything else that has to be done! Whew! Today is the first day in a long time that I really feel like myself.

So what's next? We are going to begin looking at church sign designs and bids while purchasing a new sound system for the church. This is all of course leading up to Easter, which has a few projects built into it also.

I also just learned today that the Angel Food program here in Martin County has grown significantly in the last month. Kudos to Pastor Tom for the TV and Radio time he was able to garnish for Angel Food. We are looking at 200 boxes this month, that's 110 over last month. In fact, Martin County gets it's own semi of food now. WOW!!

Church Steeples! When the new roof goes one, the steeple will not be there. Now before you pick up the phone, please read on. Steeples and hurricanes mix like oil and water. Right now as I type this they are replacing most of the wood in and around the steeple area. It simply cannot stand up in the wind, and when it was up there it was slowing destroying our roof. Then on top of that, insurance companies cannot make up their mind if they want to insure a church with a steeple. Believe me they have good reason not to. So in the long term we may end up having to give up opportunities for better and cheaper insurance in order to have a steeple. This to me is a stewardship question. What are your thoughts? (FYI - Yes I already know that you will miss the steeple, I will to).


Betty said…
I absolutely love the steeple.....however....I have been at this church for almost 14 years now. I have lived through numerous hurricanes over the Treasure Coast over those years. I have seen the steeple damaged in each and everyone. I have been on the roof & seen first hand, the damage the steeple caused as it rubbed the roof back & forth. I have been inside the church as the wind pounded the steeple & it sounded with each gust that the steeple was about to be ripped from the roof.

I am saddened that the steeple will not be put back up. But I DO understand why. I is a stewardship issue. God has blessed us with this new roof. He expects us to take good care of it.