Is The World Worth Saving?

Everyone once in a while I think about moving to a mountain top somewhere like, oooh, New Zealand. Really, just anyplace where the world hasn't ruined the ability to live ones life. Alright now, back to reality. There isn't such a place. At least not physically. But there are times where you just want to throw up your hands and say, "That's it, I'm done!" and let the inmates run the asylum. (News flash! They already do!)

Why bother trying to save the world? Why bother trying to tell people the Good News about Jesus - a message they don't want to listen to. Why bother fighting a fight and apparently doesn't seem to be winnable? All seems fatalistic doesn't it? Well your right - it is.

The question that Christians have to answer are simple. Are we here to save the world or are we here to save humanity? The Bible is clear that this world isn't worth saving. In fact in the end. Poof! It all gets destroyed. However, we are commanded to reach it's inhabitants. So what do you focus on? The world you live in or the people around you. No, they are not the same. Sure many of them subscribe to the worlds way of thinking and living. So do we justify a bad attitude towards them because they are "evil"? In other words do we attack the problem or the person?

Now don't misunderstand me here, I do believe that we need to keep evil at bay just as long as possible. But keeping evil at bay isn't going to save people. Showing people Jesus through our lives will. Jesus lived in a world was just as wicked as ours is today, yet he reached the masses. He didn't convert the government, He didn't save the educational system, He didn't recycle. He saved people from their sins.

So what are you trying to save today?


Anonymous said…
I want to be like Jesus and Jesus loved people... I just can't find away to love people in this society... every time i buy something its 99% from china or some other third world country where the people are being paid unfair wages... I can't live in an unselfish way. Every time i buy any product i know its destroying the world...
Anonymous said…
I feel exactly the same way. It has gotten so bad that I purposely look for signs that the end is near every day. Don't want to cuss on this site but I am constantly reminded of the saying "modern life sucks." All I want is to live a life with meaning in a world where people care about one another, a world without greed, war, poverty, etc etc