First Things First

We learned this week that God must be first in our lives. So what did the Holy Spirit choose to communicate that truth to us with? Faith? Prayer? Church Attendance? No, none of those. He choose money and material things. All through the Old and New Testament you see again and again where we are challenged to put God first with our "stuff".

When Jesus talks to the rich young ruler He asks him what he has done? The young man responds that he has kept the faith, the commandments, the law - everything!! Then Jesus tells him that there is one more thing he should do. Go and sell it all and give it away. The young man couldn't do that because God wasn't really first in his life.

It isn't just money. But what about our time, our talents, our temple (body), our testimony. In Luke 12:34 Jesus says, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." In other words, where you put your money is where your heart will be. So where can you put it?

Family - There are those who place their wealth in their marriage and family. This isn't a bad thing at all, but where is God?
Church - You would think that I was going to make this one the right one, but no. Church can be a idol too if Jesus isn't the reason why you are attending.
Friends - The need to be accepted by others can drive us to "buy" their friendship.
Self - Me, me, me - it's all about me! Instead of purchasing what you need, you pay a lot more for what makes you feel good. When spending replaces feeling, you're in big trouble.
Faith - We give because we want to make God first in our life. When someone asks you if you do all you have to do is open your check register. Believe me the following statement is true. Money talks! So what is your money saying about you today?