The Basics of Us!

One of the things I enjoy about God is His ability to be creative. He created each and everyone of us differently, uniquely and special. But did you know that He did the same for churches? Each church and fellowship is created by Him, for His purpose to serve His will. That's why no two churches are the same! Sure there are similarities between churches just like there are similarities between you and me. But the uniqueness of who you are comes from God! Some people focus on the similarities and think that is all that there is to church. But what makes that church unique to God? That's what I want to focus on concerning FFWC. What makes us unique?

We are a living example of God's resurrection and healing power. This church has seen miracle after miracle. It has experienced the blessings of God's presence and hope that only He can give. Lives have been changed in ways only God can do it. We have seen the impossible become possible.

Experience God - Take yesterdays morning worship service for example. God touched peoples lives in a powerful and wonderful way. He visited us with a sweet presence that impacted our hearts and lives.
Enjoy each Other - Or in other words we work at having healthy, balanced, responsible relationships that bring joy to our lives.

Live the Life - The world we live in has a plan for us. It looks good in the brochure, but in reality it is a nightmare. God has something different in mind, but we have to let go of this world and embrace what He desires for us.

Give Back - God gives us so, so much. The world we live in says that we don't have enough and would lead us to kill ourselves trying to get more of "it". Giving changes our heart and giving changes our lives.

We are Pentecostal - This is more than being baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. It is being the church we read about in Acts 2.

People are more important than programs. - There are a number sayings that I can use here, but suffice to say that if people are not the reason why we do what we do, they what are we doing it?

The Word of God (Bible) is the foundation of who we are. - Who we are and what we do is about what we know to be the true, tested, inspired, blessed will of God in our lives and that of our church.

Jesus is the Son of God. - Some people believe in God and so do we. But we also believe in His Son, Jesus - Son of Man and Son of God!