Annual Vision Meeting

Our annual vision meeting is this Sunday after the Celebration Luncheon. I encourage all members to attend in what will be a historic day here at FFWC. Our main goal and focus is to advance from home missions status to general council status. That means, in Assemblies of God terms, we will decided if we want to be a sovereign church. A couple of people have asked me what the advantages of this are? Well simply put, it places our future in our faith.

As a sovereign church we will be responsible for our own debts and care. (Something we have already done for years now.) If we decide to move the church, buy or sell property we can freely choose to do so. But as I said above, it places our future in our faith. In years past I have been accountable to and reported to section and district leadership. They did their job, leading us to a place where we can take care of ourselves. This was their goal the whole time. You see, it is their vision that we grow and mature as His church in our community. But their desire is that we learn to do this on our own, without their help or assistance. This builds a stronger and more responsible church for the future. Yes, in some ways we are removing our "safety net". Then again, if we were to depend more on the district than upon Jesus, we would still be a home missions church.

Accountability is still in tact. Not only are we accountable to God, be are more accountable to each other. Only strong mature churches with ministry team leaders that can sit down with each other and ask hard questions are able to produce strong accountability. I thank God for the men and women who we have that do this! This accountability has to be balanced with the leading of the Holy Spirit in our heart. I don't know how many times I have seen churches derailed from their successes by someone who thought their agenda or idea of what a church is and does was the only way.

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