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Back from out of town

Betty and I have been at presbytery for the last two days. Just got back into town late this afternoon. I was a very productive presbytery I think. For those of you who are wondering, they approved our application to advance to General Council church status! Praise God! Our application goes on to the Executive Presbytery. Don't worry we will pass with flying colors.

Sunday Night Thoughts

One of the things that this morning's services reminded me is that life isn't perfect. That's why we give, worship, sacrifice and work for the Kingdom, is because we love Jesus - not because life is turning out the way we want it to. One of the things that hit me hard this morning was Judas betrayal. When he figured out that Jesus wasn't going deliver on what he thought Jesus should do for him, he betrayed Jesus. How many people do we know that have bailed on Jesus because life wasn't turning out the way that they thought it should? How many of us are guilty? If Satan can isolate you from Jesus, His Church, His Word and His life that He has in store for you - it will not be long until what the Bible promises will happen to you. Satan will devour you! When life is tough, you have to be ready to run to Jesus - not away. Something else I didn't mention in this morning sermon that I realized later was this. Extravagant givers deal with the pain of life better than

The Metal is Going On!


The Sound of Progress!

The last couple of weeks have been very, very long for me. Not that I didn't want to blog more, just didn't have any time! We closed on the church loan, we have started to put a new metal roof on the building, we purchased the property next door, we held our annual church business meeting and decided to apply for sovereign status. This while doing everything else that has to be done! Whew! Today is the first day in a long time that I really feel like myself. So what's next? We are going to begin looking at church sign designs and bids while purchasing a new sound system for the church. This is all of course leading up to Easter, which has a few projects built into it also. I also just learned today that the Angel Food program here in Martin County has grown significantly in the last month. Kudos to Pastor Tom for the TV and Radio time he was able to garnish for Angel Food. We are looking at 200 boxes this month, that's 110 over last month. In fact, Martin Cou

Annual Vision Meeting

Well it is over and I have to say, I am glad. I want to thank everyone who really helped today to go along very, very well. If you don't know, we elected to take FFWC to sovereign status. I wanted to thank everyone who attended. As I stated in the meeting, if you have any other question, I will be happy to answer any concerns or clarifications that you might have. I believe that today has been truly a great day for FFWC! God Bless!!

The Basics of God

To say that God is basic is probably a sin. There is no way that I or anyone else can completely understand God. The very thought that anybody would try even confuses me. If I can understand everything about God, then I am God (or at least His equal). I need a God that: - is bigger than me. We can and never will be God. He is the Creator of the Heavens and the Universe. I need to know, for my own security, that He is bigger than anything! - rules time and space. He created it, He rules it. Why do I need to know that? God is never in a hurry. God is never late. God is never to far away. God in never conquered by the simple things of life that conquer me. - that understand my life. Sometimes I don't understand me. I especially need Him to understand those things about me so He can protect me from me. - eternally loves me and cares about me. When I am in pain, He is there for me. Without His love and care, I am all alone. I don't like alone. - is never challeng

Why is it raining?

To say that I was a little aggravated with God yesterday is putting it mildly. After all we were ready to reroof the church. We have been working on this project for nearly a year. The fruits of our labors were within hours of being grasped. And then, after a 4 or 5 month drought - rain. In case you don't know, roofing and rain don't mix. What is this all about? Come on God! Just a few days and you can let it rain all you want (with the exception of Noah's Flood). Then it hits me. This isn't about a roof, it's about us (or at least me.) This is His church, not my church. I'm not saying that taking personal ownership in your church is a sin. It's like everything else you have in your life. God gave it to you and you are the steward of it. So God will re-roof His church when He wants it re-roofed and not a moment before. You know what? I'm OK with that.

No Mo'

Joe McCutchen posted this, thanks Joe. By the way, you will find me at Cracker Barrel after this song in done.

When Life Is Cut Short

I actually know very little about Natasha Richardson until yesterday. A small accident, a mild headache and then it's over. We don't know details and they are not necessary. First of all our prayers should be with her family and sons. This is a tragic loss at every level. She was 45 years old, I am 45 years old - and life ended. No warning, no choice - it just happened. I know nothing about the spiritual condition of her life. Did she know Jesus as her Savior and Lord? I don't know. It just leads me to one question. Are you ready to meet Jesus in the next 5 minutes?

Annual Vision Meeting

Our annual vision meeting is this Sunday after the Celebration Luncheon. I encourage all members to attend in what will be a historic day here at FFWC. Our main goal and focus is to advance from home missions status to general council status. That means, in Assemblies of God terms, we will decided if we want to be a sovereign church. A couple of people have asked me what the advantages of this are? Well simply put, it places our future in our faith. As a sovereign church we will be responsible for our own debts and care. (Something we have already done for years now.) If we decide to move the church, buy or sell property we can freely choose to do so. But as I said above, it places our future in our faith. In years past I have been accountable to and reported to section and district leadership. They did their job, leading us to a place where we can take care of ourselves. This was their goal the whole time. You see, it is their vision that we grow and mature as His church i

Here we go!! UPDATED 3/18

The monies came through yesterday for our mortgage. - The property for overflow parking has been purchased! - The roofers will be here to tomorrow start. - The district has been paid off. - We can now advance to sovereign status. - We are taking out some old landscaping this Saturday. - We will begin a variety of small projects between now and Easter. - We are compiling a list of sound equipment we can use now to improve our worship. and we are just getting started!! UPDATE: 3/18 - It's raining. Yes people, it is raining. It's hasn't rained here in months. A drought with no end in sight. Rain today, rain tomorrow. Can a man be mad at God because it is raining? Sure he can - just not a smart thing to do.

Basics of Leadership

What are the basics of leadership? That is a loaded question for some leaders. It depends on your goal, your point of view, your experience, your situation, your . . . Let's be honest here. Leadership is a subject that a lot of people have a lot to say on. But when you boil it all down here is what makes a successful leader. Integrity - It isn't just about doing it right the first time. But it's also about getting it right after you have done something wrong. Servanthood - Leadership without sacrifice is worthless. People will not follow someone who isn't willing to pay the price too. Patience - Willing to wait for what is better instead of taking what is good right now is the hard thing to do. Values - Knowing what you will and will not compromise on is crucial. It helps you determine who can and cannot come alongside of you and help. Vision - The ability to see something before it becomes a reality. Wisdom - How to properly apply the knowledge you have

The Basics of Us!

One of the things I enjoy about God is His ability to be creative. He created each and everyone of us differently, uniquely and special. But did you know that He did the same for churches? Each church and fellowship is created by Him, for His purpose to serve His will. That's why no two churches are the same! Sure there are similarities between churches just like there are similarities between you and me. But the uniqueness of who you are comes from God! Some people focus on the similarities and think that is all that there is to church. But what makes that church unique to God? That's what I want to focus on concerning FFWC. What makes us unique? We are a living example of God's resurrection and healing power. This church has seen miracle after miracle. It has experienced the blessings of God's presence and hope that only He can give. Lives have been changed in ways only God can do it. We have seen the impossible become possible. Experience God - Take

Back to Basics

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is this. Never abandon the basic s. What do I mean? The basics of life are the very foundational principles that give you momentum, drive and encouragement. It is what keeps you grounded when you are successful and it is what gets your through the tough times. NEWS FLASH! Sometimes success is your tough time! So I want to spend some time this week reviewing the basics. The basics of life, the basics of church, the basics of a number of things. Before you say, "I don't need this." Let me ask you something. Can you sit down right now and write out the basics of your life, your hopes, your dreams? Can you remember what makes your marriage and/or family successful? Can you remember what it takes to be a strong Christian? If you can't think you might want to keep checking in this week, a little tune up will not hurt and you might discover something that will help you reach a new level in your life throug

Is The World Worth Saving?

Everyone once in a while I think about moving to a mountain top somewhere like, oooh, New Zealand. Really, just anyplace where the world hasn't ruined the ability to live ones life. Alright now, back to reality. There isn't such a place. At least not physically. But there are times where you just want to throw up your hands and say, "That's it, I'm done!" and let the inmates run the asylum. (News flash! They already do!) Why bother trying to save the world? Why bother trying to tell people the Good News about Jesus - a message they don't want to listen to. Why bother fighting a fight and apparently doesn't seem to be winnable? All seems fatalistic doesn't it? Well your right - it is. The question that Christians have to answer are simple. Are we here to save the world or are we here to save humanity? The Bible is clear that this world isn't worth saving. In fact in the end. Poof! It all gets destroyed. However, we are commande

Having a Baby!

Last month at DSOM one of my students, Herns Eugene, was talking about how he and his wife were going to have a baby in a few weeks. Well he picked me up on Twitter and I just learned that the contractions are now 5 minutes apart. Pray that all goes well! UPDATE: hernseugene - The mid-wife let me pull baby Harmeni out @ 7:21pm today! And our life will never be the same! I also was able to cut the umbilical cord! CONGRATS! HERNS

The Rapture

If you don't have an idea of what the Rapture of the church is, watch this.

Zero having greater value than God.

I didn't have all the time I wanted yesterday to really blog this out. So let me speak to this again. A recently study revels that more people are choosing nothing over God. The bottom line is that we are becoming a faithless nation. Therefore, it shouldn't be any surprise that people are leaving church with no plans of returning. When are we going to get it? You cannot embrace a form of religion that denies it's power. The reason why people don't go to church is because church offers nothing to them worth having. We pray for revival then complain when it show up in our lives. People, we have to change or there will nothing will be left to change in a few years. Look at Europe whose churches lay lifeless and empty. Those buildings have become nightclubs and bars. Not because the congregation couldn't afford to keep the building, but there was no congregation to put in the building! I am not bashing denominations here. If you are anything other than a P

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Church

Randy sent this to me from the Fox Forum Top 10 Reasons to Go to Church 1. It’s a way to get a healthy glow without makeup. 2. Elvis started out in a church choir … so can you. 3. Goodness and mercy will follow you all the rest of your life–which are better than the IRS or FBI. 4. In this economy, it might be good to be hooked up with Someone who can turn water into wine. 5. You can walk down an aisle and approach an altar without having to gain a mother-in-law. 6. The Biblical admonition to “greet one another with a holy kiss” boosts your social life. 7. Hard Times? Kids getting on your nerves? Free coffee and child care at church! 8. The sound of money dropping is the offering, not your stocks. 9. Robes, candles, music…and it’s less expensive than a spa. 10. With April 15 coming, remember, Man does not live by Turbotax alone. Bill Shuler is the pastor of the Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia.

More Americans say they have no religion

This is what I and others have been saying all along. We are so worried that people are going to convert to some other cultic religion or paganism that we forget that there is another choice. Nothing. More people according to this study are just quitting. Church isn't relevant to them and religion leaves such a bad taste in their mouths that they don't want anything to do with it anymore.

Listen Carefully

Apology Accepted

Why life changes gears.

Just when you think it couldn't go any faster, get any more complicated or challenge you any more, life speeds up! Does it ever slow down? Does it ever get any easier? All of us would love to live in the garden of Eden. After all we were originally created to be there. So I understand that my questions are based on the fact that life was never suppose to be this way in the first place. But there are some things about life that make you go Hmmmmm! Life is about to change gears for me and I'm wondering what it is going to bring? How is this going to change me? What do I need to pay attention to and what do I need to protect myself from? Is there an element of fear here? Oh yes! So is my faith greater than my fears? It isn't that I am living in confusion, if anything I see it all clearly! Clearly enough know when I am looking at a roller coaster! Here are a few things that I know so far when you walk into these situations. 1) The basics are now more important th

Channel 12 News!!

Channel 12 news just stopped by to do an interview with Pastor Tom about Angel Food. First of all let me say that he knocked it out of the park! People will really get the message about how great it is and how much money it will save them. So let everyone know tonight to watch between 5 - 6:30 p.m. For those of you outside the viewing area I would suggest that you check us out at their website. I don't know if they are going to post it, but it's worth a try.

First Things First

We learned this week that God must be first in our lives. So what did the Holy Spirit choose to communicate that truth to us with? Faith? Prayer? Church Attendance? No, none of those. He choose money and material things. All through the Old and New Testament you see again and again where we are challenged to put God first with our "stuff". When Jesus talks to the rich young ruler He asks him what he has done? The young man responds that he has kept the faith, the commandments, the law - everything!! Then Jesus tells him that there is one more thing he should do. Go and sell it all and give it away. The young man couldn't do that because God wasn't really first in his life. It isn't just money. But what about our time, our talents, our temple (body), our testimony. In Luke 12:34 Jesus says, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." In other words, where you put your money is where your heart will be. So where can you pu

Oppression, Depression and Possession

Some have tried to argue that anyone who is oppressed by Satan, or one of his minions, must be possessed by said demon. Well I don't find any support of that in scripture considering there were many, Job for example, who were very oppressed but were not possessed in any way. I want to focus on the oppression for a few moments only because I feel that there are more people out there suffering with this than anything else. To be oppressed means to be treated unjustly or with cruelty. To be under a state of mental distress to feel as if you are bring forced into something without any means of escape. There are many people in this world today who feel this way. To say that everyone is oppressed of Satan may be overstated, but I do feel that there are more out there than we care to admit. So what can you do? First of all don't feel guilty! These emotions of depression and exasperation are real, but do they stem from reality? In other words are we afraid of nothing? When yo