What in the world?

Over the years I have heard stories about how people return from their 20th or 40th high school reunions shocked and dismayed about what they have learned. Some people just don't turn out the way you thought they would. Well I have never been to either a high school or college reunion. (I asked one of my high school friends the other day why and I didn't get an answer.) But facebook has turned out to be much of the same thing for me. I am now having phone conversations with people whom I have not spoken to in 10, 15 even 25 years. What I am find out is shocking me to say the least.

#1 - Just because they vehemently disagreed with something doesn't mean that they do now!
#2 - Just because they vehemently agreed with something doesn't mean that they do now!
#3 - Finding someone who is succeeding at what they said they would succeed at is difficult.
#4 - The price people are willing to pay for happiness sometimes shocks me.
#5 - Faith and friends don't necessarily go hand in hand, even though they use to.

Do you have some others that you can add to the list?