Superbowl - Back On Line - and other oddities.

I would have blogged earlier but apparently you need to have internet service for this to work. Hats off to AT&T who said we would be back on sometime tomorrow. Whew! I was about to go though some withdrawls.

Superbowl Sunday Tailgate Party was terrific. As you can see from the pics below that everyone had a great time. The one thing that was surprising was how many cars we stopped on the streets. People would drive by and be in shock. We couldn't get any of them to watch the game with us though. We working on that problem for next year. But we sure did get a LOT of attention this Sunday.

Thanks to Mark and his Sea Cow Cafe for the GREAT food!!

Here is a great shot of our 10' x 16' screen!! Wow was it big!

Anneka partied a little too much.

Here is a link to an article that Betty sent me. At first I thought it was a joke but after a little research, it is in fact the real deal. Click here.