A Night At the Circus!

This is how the story goes.

A) Tim drops a pistachio.
B) Pepe (the dog) eats said pistachio.
C) Pepe now chokes on said pistachio.
D) Teneal now has her arm down Pepe's throat looking for this pistachio.
E) Pepes gums are turning blue.
F) Teneal is now doing the heimliche on a dog.
G) Teneal is now doing mouth to snout on a dog - Yech!
H) More digging for said pistachio.
I) Teneal throws dog at Tim.
J) Tim does the heimliche and Pepe looks like somebody kicked the snot out of him.
K) Pepe is now drinking water. A lot of water. Wow can that dog drink water.
L) Betty now pleads the blood of Jesus on said dog.
M) Pepe is breathing again.
N) Pepe is now in his cage.
O) Pepe throws up said pistachio.
P) Everyone is so happy now!!!

Part 2
A) Pepe drank too much water
B) Pepe now has to throw up.
C) Pepe throws up - Wow can that dog really throw up!
D) Teneal is gaggin!
E) Anneka has now turned the corner.
F) Too late!
G) Anneka is now throwing up.
H) Betty is gagging!
I) Anneka is now throwing up over her throwing up.
J) Pepe is in the back yard, trying to eat all the grass in it.
K) Teneal is still gaggin.
L) Anneka is throwing up again.
M) Betty throws said child in shower.
N) The carpet cleaner is out.
O) The mops are out.
P) Betty is on her hands and knees cleaning up puke - she wants to puke.

I love coming over to the Jarretts house - Priceless!!


Anonymous said…
What a great night! Look forward to the next time we get together.
Anonymous said…
WOW - What a night! Anyone want a bag of pistachios. FREE, first come first served!!! :)
Go Betty, you raised my dog from the dead with prayer.
Betty said…
I'm just shocked that Tim ACTUALLY tried to save the dog. He HATES that dog. Afterwards he probably thought..."Aw man! Why did I do that?" Hey, he had his chance! Pepe probably loves him now & slept right next to him all night.

Tim, you can NEVER ask or tell Taneal to get rid of that dog ever again! HA!
Anonymous said…
oh good heavens above!! You four can't have a normal night? Did you HAVE to find some excitement or what? LOL

Sooo glad Pepe is okay. :D