Why Are We Praying and Fasting?

Why pray and fast? Well why do you go to work? Why do you eat lunch? For most Christians they don't understand that prayer and fasting is as essential as eating and breathing. All through the Old and New Testament you find people praying and fasting, but for what? Why are they doing this? These saints of God understood something that many of us miss today. Big change requires big acts of faith. God has provided a way for us to express BIG faith to Him. Prayer and Fasting.

What needs to change in your life? What big problem are you facing that only God can deal with? What it is that is defeating you that needs to be turned over to God? This has been said before, but it bears repeating again. We treat our faith like a microwave. 1 minutes and 30 seconds of prayer with God should get all the results we require. But it isn't that way! God doesn't own any microwaves, He only owns crock-pots. And then they seem to be all set on low.

So what do you need to pray and fast for:
- I'm not close enough to God.
- I've got issues that are not being dealt with.
- My future needs to change.
- My families future needs to change.
- God to do something great to or through my church.
- Defeating old enemies once and for all.
- Being empowering by the Holy Spirit to do great things than I can think or imagine.

What's on your list?