Whoa! I Almost Forgot To Blog!!!

What a day today!

First of all and most importantly, Jeffery is hone and doing just fine. For those of you who don't know, Jeffery suffers with seizures. He takes medication to keep them a mild as possible, but this morning he took to much and had an adverse reaction. We had to call an ambulance. You know I've been around a lot of emergency calls and I have never seen those guys move so fast in my life. I think that they were caught off guard when we told them and Jeffery goodbye.

All this happened during prayer time. Many people came forward but because of this situation we didn't get to pray for them. There are a few things that I believe that God would have us take out of this. #1 - He knew this was going to happen before it happened. So the interruption was divine. #2 - After service someone told me that after learning of Jeffery's need, theirs wasn't such a big deal. It's amazing how these things give us perspective. And #3 is something I think most of us haven't considered. The focus of this churches prayer for Jeffery is now greater than ever! You know during your prayer and fasting time this week - pray for his healing.

Jay had a blast with us this morning. As you can tell he is pretty easy going. And while he gave us an abbreviated version of his message - it was powerful. Not only do I know that Jesus wants Jews to be saved, I believe that it can and will happen! Remember Rock of Israel in your prayers. We're going to consider putting Jay and this ministry on our monthly support list.