Reaching This World

So I am reading through some my of daily blogs this morning and find a link to The Top 10 list of 2008's Christian bashers by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. Most of these things I knew, some I didn't and found them more than a little disturbing. But what really got my attention was a response to the article which said, "The most accurate WND article title yet. Digging a WND post to expose the hate and bigotry. Come on people. No one is persecuting Christians, but many are responding forcefully (finally) to blind hate, lies and fear."

Here is the plan people! If you can't argue Christianity away (which you can't) then make it irrelevant. It's a form of manipulation. We've all had it used on us before at one time or another. So how does the church respond to this!

#1 - Make faith relevant. Actions speak louder than words. When we apply our faith with the love of Jesus into other peoples lives - they can't ignore it.

#2 - Don't argue. Healthy debate is fine. But most people I meet want to do all the talking and very little listening. Again let your actions to the talking.

#3 Be committed to the long haul - Relationships take time and developing healthy ones take hard work. God has put people into your life who need your love and gifts that you have received from God. Allow those to shine. Don't worry how we look today, tomorrow that will change.