Prayer and Fasting

Here are few thoughts as we prepare to pray and fast next week. For most people they get all stressed out about what kind of fast they are going to participate in and when they are going to do it. But here are what I think the most important questions that you need to answer are.

#1 - Why are you praying and fasting? The reason(s) are important. As much as you need to know what kind of fast you are going to participate in, you also need to know what you are praying for. It is healing? Provision for an important need? Another persons salvation? Is it to deepen your personal relationship with Jesus? Take the time to think this through then write them down somewhere. As you enter a season of prayer and fasting the enemy likes to distract you from your purpose, thus nullifying your sacrifice.

#2 - How big of a fight is your flesh putting up? In other words, when you hear the words "prayer and fasting" what is your mind and body saying? "Oh no, not that again!" "Noooooooooooooooooo!" or "Yes! I'm going to lose some of that holiday weight I put on!" That last one is (remove the word is) might happen anyway - but for the time being let's focus on this. What you fast and how much you fast should push you at least one step closer to God. Your body isn't going to like this and you need to determine who is going to be the master of your flesh and it's desires. Jesus or you! FYI - Jesus is the right answer.

#3 - When am I going to make the time to do this? One of the biggest excuses people use not to fast is, "time." When do they do it and how? Well some of this depends on your type of fast. If you're fasting food, then the time you used to eat now becomes the time you use to pray. If you are fasting television - same thing. If you are fasting something that is a personal sacrifice for you like that Starbucks coffee you drink everyday then you need to determine how much time are you going to give to God instead? Begin to adjust your schedule now!