John 7 - Who You Honor

Our author again make a wonderful observation. In John 7:18 Jesus doesn't take any credit of what He is doing, He instead gives it to God. Jesus makes it clear that He could do nothing unless it was the Fathers will. Do we take credit for what God is doing in and through our lives? I have seen people do this - it isn't long before they are eating their words. Pride still comes before the fall.

So what about saying "thank you" when someone compliments you on a great lesson you taught, or a great song you sang. Do you take credit for it or not? It really depends on your motives. I have seen people sing songs about Jesus that moved the masses and they took all the credit for what they did - and rightfully so. They were singing for their own glory and production. While the people were moved and God responded to their faith, it was in spite of the singer. I have seen the same happen to preachers, evangelists and more.

Giving credit where credit is due is an honorable thing. Saying thank you to someone who compliments you and a job well done is fine. But giving glory to God for the talent, ability, inspiration and empowerment to make it successful is necessary and honorable. It will never take anything away from you, but it will help people fix their eyes on Jesus.

Lord, my prayer today is that everything we say and everything we do give honor and glory to you. We are not concerned about ourselves, because you take care of us. But we are concerned with giving glory to you, so the world may see the one who lives in us. In Jesus name we pray - Amen!


Sharon said…
I received the gift card in the mail. Thank you so much! I pray you will never have to give "birth" to another "Kid". ;^)

Blessings in His House today!
Anonymous said…
Lord I humble myself before you as I can do nothing without you. My purpose is your purpose and I submit to you, Let your will be done, through my life, let me be a vessel to reach the lost. Father I give you all the Glory and Honor for all my attributes and ask forgiveness for my sins in Jesus name. AMEN!!