John 6 - The testing of our faith

Our author writes, " But God wants to test us – often by questioning not the how, but the where – in this
case, even the Who – the solution will come from, God Himself. "

Years ago someone once asked me, "What does God have to test ME! Why do I have to go through this, doesn't He know that I believe in Him? I don't need to be tested!" Well they didn't get it, did they? I would suspect that most of us don't either. We do question why we are going through testings of our faith, without asking, when, where, who and how!

To believe in God is one thing, but trusting Him is what the testing of our faith is about. Again, if it were all about us then believing in God would be enough. We would have faith and go to heaven some day - The End. But it isn't all about us. It's also about everyone else too! It's about Jesus and what He did for us over 2,000 years ago. Now that we have added this dimension to our lives, we need more than faith - we need God's help to do His will in this world for Him. That requires trust. We must trust God's judgement that we are the right person doing His will at the right time. We must trust the gifts He has placed in our lives - that they are sufficient to do His will when in submission to Him and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We must trust the fact that we are not fully capable of doing everything He asks us, that there is and will always be a dimension to our lives that must totally rely on Him.

The testing of our faith is suppose to get our eyes off of us and put them on Him! So how's your testing going today?

My Prayer: Lord, help me to set aside the temporal, the fleeting and that which makes me temporarily uncomfortable. I focus my eyes, my faith, my life and my soul on You. Help me to trust You. I know that I can do it, help me to realize it and embrace it for all that it is worth.