John 5 - Long Term Healing

For many people trying to come to terms with suffering and pain is difficult. "If God is so compassionate, why does He let people suffer?" The man at the pool of Bethesda, this was the case. He had been there a long time, but had suffered his whole life with some kind of paralytic condition. Jesus show up on the scene and heals him - but notice that He didn't heal anyone else. In fact, as far as we know this is the only time that Jesus ever healed anyone at the pool of Bethesda.

Now if you and me were to plan out Jesus itinerary, wouldn't you go to the local hospital or morgue and clear the place out? Seems like a good idea, but Jesus didn't do that. He healed people one at a time. While I have seen the power of God move on the masses and many people get healed at once, I have also witnessed just as many people not get healed - why?

It's not their time yet. That seems like a harsh statement but you have to keep the purpose in context. The healing is for that person in His will and timing. Not my will or my timing. Some that that this statement is a copout. I don't think so. My faith in Jesus is the key to my future. While I can pray for others and believe that my life can influence others with the power of God - my faith cannot save anyone else, just me. The same goes for healing. In the end, it is my faith that makes the difference. Now did I just say that people who haven't been healed don't have enough faith? Not at all. I am saying that waiting upon God's will, in His timing takes great faith. That His sovereignty is above all and that we will trust in it. After all, it is our hope and our future.