John 4 - Being Thirsty

Our author points out that the Samaritan woman was an outsider, a social outcast who had been married 5 times and a social reject. She was a Samaritan, Jew didn't get along with Samaritans. She was a woman and Rabbis didn't talk to women publicly.
But there we find Jesus talking to, ministering to and accepting this woman as she was. All she wanted was some water, what she discovered was water that refreshed her soul.

Many Christians do not experience the refreshing life Jesus has in store for them because they think like the Samaritan woman. Their past makes them an outsider. "I did something years ago, so I don't deserve God's goodness in my life." Their lineage discourages them from accepting Christ. "My great-grandfather was a alcoholic, my grandfather was a alcoholic, my father was a alcoholic, therefore, I will be one too." Their religion prevents them from experience God. "I am a (fill in the name of your religion here) and it is the only way you can go to heaven." The Samaritans said the same thing and Jesus told them they were wrong.

Our prayer today, "Lord help me to get past myself. Help me to discover the living water that comes from you. I am not satisfied with looking at the well, I want to have some water from it. Help me to look past myself and see you in my life." Amen