John 2 and John 3

In John 2 (yeserdays devotional reading) our devotions focused on the zeal we are to have for the temple.

The temple was the focus of Jewish life in the New Testament. Activities, relationships and faith all converged into one place. There are those who might cringe at the thought today. The church being a place where lives comes together with purpose and meaning. The our author points out something very important. Not only can the temple be the church, but it is also representative of people. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I've had many a person tell me that church is great if you can ignore the people. Relationships can be painful, even in church. But to allow our hearts and lives to converge with others is a part of our Christian faith. It is called Koinonia, which mean fellowship, communion - to embrace relationships so close that what happens in another persons life also effects you.

It is not surprise to me that people struggle in their zeal for the church or each other. Satan's plan is to sour our relationship with these temples. The place where God can feed us, heal us, love us and minister to our needs. No let's not get to close to the church or it's people - we might get hurt!

In John 3 (todays devotional reading) we get real personal!

What's hiding in the closet of your soul! Each of us have something about ourselves that we don't want anyone else to know. It can range from the silly to the serious. There is nothing wrong with any of that. There are things that I would prefer you didn't know about me. (i.e. parachute pants in the 80's. Not a good idea.) But what about that which offends God? Hidden sins that you haven't dealt with. You know that it is wrong, but you also you that you should stop doing it. A drinking problem, pornography, being abusive in some way - and the list goes on.

When you step into the light of the Holy Spirit, these things are exposed for what they are. So what are they? First of all they are smaller that you think. They are bigger than you - yes, but they are much smaller than God. That's what you need to focus on. You might be addicted to it. You want to shake it, but you can't. You need help. God is the God of addictions. There isn't one that He cannot help you overcome. Then it is a wall between you and God - it separates your from Him. Ask God to tear the wall down. He will! He wants to be a part of your life - clean or dirty doesn't matter to Him.

If you discover that you need to repent today. Then by all means do so. Don't give up because you have tried before. I believe that 2009 is your year to break free from these things that weigh your soul down.