John 17 - How did Jesus pray?

Sorry, this one is late. I was in Lakeland and the online filters up there didn't allow me to get online like I would have liked. Seems to happen to me pretty much everywhere I go.

As I read this chapter, I took not of the title to each passage.

#1 Jesus Prays for Himself - Some people feel guilty if they pray for themselves. It isn't selfish to pray for you needs and desires. Selfish presents itself in, "Gimme Gimme Gimme Jesus!) A true hearts say, "Let Your will be done in my life!"

#2 Jesus Prays for His Disciples - Or as our devotional author puts it, He prays for the team. Pray for your family, pray for your church, pray for your friends, pray for those whom you work with. Pray that God is glorified through your life into theirs. Pray that their love glorifies God into others.

#3 Jesus Prays for All Believers - Jesus didn't know everyone personally. But He knew that they were there. Just because time and distance didn't allow Him the privilege of know all believers on a personal basis didn't mean that He loved them any less or that He cared any less. He prayed for them too!

Lord Jesus I pray for my needs, my families needs, my churches needs. I pray that You will be done in my life. I pray that you will move in the hearts of people whom I have the privilege to pastor. I pray that you will move in the heart of believers all over this community and county. We need a revival of Your Holy Spirit to sweep this place and we need You to sweep in our hearts everyday. In Jesus Name I pray - Amen!