John 13 - Servanthood

Our devotional guide takes us to Jesus' washing the feet of the disciples. After which He asks “Do you understand what I have done for you?” John 13:12 (NIV)

I know that most Christians don't understand what Jesus has done for them, because I have a hard time understanding it all. Yes, I do understand His forgiveness, mercy and grace by which I am saved. But there is so much more to it than that. There is healing, purpose, hope, knowledge, power, faith and list goes on.

Jesus uses an illustrated lesson to make His point. Serve one another in love. That was what He was doing and that's what He wants us to do. The question is, do we get it?

Todays' Prayer: Lord, help me to be the servant you called me to be. Forgive me, for I feel like a disciple with wet feet and a confused look. Sometimes I just don't get it. Help me to overcome my own faults and failures - not that I improve for myself. Improve me for Your Kingdom's sake. In Jesus name I pray - Amen.