2009 is off and running!

So yesterday morning I get up and my wife looks at me and says, "We're going to Coral Spring." Now for those of you who are married you will understand this. It was that tone of voice that you don't mess with. You say, OK and gas up the car. So we drove about an hour to our favorite chicken wing restaurant. (Yes, it was worth it.) Went to the Sawgrass Mills Mall where Anneka cleaned up on clothes and toys. (Clearance Sales and KB Toys going out of business sale) Then we turned her loose on the Eurobungee. This contraption that straps her in a harness then lets her jump on a trampoline as much as she wants. She got about 15 - 20 feet high.

Then this morning I'm off to our first ministers meeting for the new year. We are meeting a Teen Challenge in jupiter. This TC is for teenage girls. The directors, the Del Valles, are doing a great job and deserve all the support we can give them.

The rest of this week I am going to be blogging about prayer and fasting. We start 21 days of prayer and fasting here at the church next Sunday. if you want to join us, you are more than welcome to do so. So check back soon!