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Praise and Worship

Wow! What a powerful service we had tonight. I cannot believe some of the great things that happened! Oh, wait a minute. I was there!! Yes ! can believe. I am looking forward to tomorrow services, can't wait to see what God is going to do!!

Prayer and Praise Service!

I am excited about tonight's prayer and praise service! I believe we are going to experience God in a powerful way this evening! We will pray for the sick, those who need Jesus to change their lives, and to believe God for much, much more! See you this evening at 7 p.m.!!

NBC Will Not Show This

Guess what NBC will not show during the Superbowl?

John 21 - The End

Well this is the last day of our 21 days of prayer and fasting. I hope that you found it as encouraging and as uplifting as I did. For most people the word, sacrifice, is a term that invokes pain and discomfort. But really it doesn't When we make sacrifices for Christ we gain, we never lose. And what ever we have lost we will never miss anyway. Jesus visits his disciples who are fishing. What were they fishing? Well, before they were disciples most of them were fishermen. They were doing what came naturally to them. However, the main character in this story is Peter, the one who denied Jesus three times. Jesus was there to reinstate Peter as a disciple. When we feel like we have fallen away from Jesus, we tend to go back to living life the "old" way. Don't do that. When you feel as if you have fallen away, go to Jesus and let Him reinstate your life. There your hope, your salvation, your joy, your peace and your security will be reinstated and renewed.

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is shaping up very nicely. The inflatables were delivered today. The Bounce House is 12' x 12' and the 40' obstacle course is here. We also added a 21' x 13' inflatable sports area for kids. They will have a lot of fun with that. We have a new screen to watch on this year. It is a 10' x 16' screen. Looking forward to seeing the BIG game on the BIG screen. Food has been reserved, hot dogs, hamburgers, Quesadillas and Philly Cheese steaks. We got some great prizes for the Superbowl game itself. Place your name in a box for the team whom you are rooting for. Then if they score we will pull a name and give away a prize. The Cornhole Tournament is on. We also have a another idea in the works. Because the weather is going to be a little on the cool side, we are preparing to have coffee and hot chocolate for everyone. Tim plans to have a football game going on in the back so come prepared to enjoy some flag football. This is really

John 20 - Almost Done

We are almost finished with our 21 days of prayer and fasting as Jesus is almost finish with His life here on earth. Jesus has now walked out of the tomb and into our future. You see His future and our future and undeniably intertwined. Where He is where we are going and where we are is where He has been. What we have to remember is this. When Jesus wasn't finished when He left this earth, and we are not finished just because our 21 days of prayer and fasting have come to an end. For Jesus a new chapter in His purpose to us began. To go to our Heavenly Father and intercede for us. So during this time of prayer and fasting what did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about your life? Did you discover that you can do more than you thought you could? What about this time has changed your life? How are you going to live your life differently now? All of these things are not only possible, but demand out attention. What ever you do, do not go back to being the sam

John 19 - Choices

Is it so hard for us to understand the sacrifices that people make for what they believe in? Islamic extremists who commit suicide. Roman Catholics who crawl on their hands and knees for miles to be healed. Buddhist monks who set themselves on fire in protest. But why? But to have a faith so great that you are willing to do what God asks you to do, even if it is to give up your life. That kind of faith is rare. Most of us would like to believe that we have that kind of faith, but do we? John 19:10-11 (NLT) “…Don’t you realize I have the power to release you or crucify you?’ (Pilate speaking) Then Jesus said, ‘You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above’ …” Jesus has the faith to believe that the blind would see, the deaf would hear, the lame would walk, the dead would live, to walk on water, cast out demons, be temporarily transfigured so he could have a conversations with Elijah and Moses and to change 12 disciples into the future of faith for

If You Attend FFWC

I am excited about this weekend. First, Prayer and Praise Servic e this Saturday at 7 p.m. We conclude our 21 days of prayer and fasting with a powerful service that will not only bless you but I believe will have a tremendous impact on your life. Come and experience God with us! Secondly, Superbowl Sunday Service. This is going to be a great day! I am going to share a illustrated football sermon with you this Sunday. As I have announced before, we are going to pray for people and believe that the power of God is going to change their lives! Bring your friends and believe God for a powerful outpouring!! Thirdly, Tailgate Party at 4:30 p.m. Some of you have been asking me what you need to or can bring. Well here are a few things you might consider. A lawn chair or something to sit on. You can bring your favorite Superbowl dish or dip. nobody around here will turn down free food. You can bring soft drinks. We prefer in the can, that way we can keep our expenses down. Bring

John 18 - Killing Truth

Here we see the crucifixion of Jesus. It is from Johns point of view and as such allows us to see and hear things the other writers choose not to share. For Christians I urge your to read and reread this and the following chapters for the last few days of our fast. Never let this portion of scripture become mundane or insignificant. These chapters are some of the most important that their are in the whole Bible. Without them the Old Testament would never be complete and the New Testament could never become reality. Is it no wonder that we are living in a world that kills truth on a daily basis. Yet there are people who believe everything they see on the news or read in the papers. People, it isn't all true. Before you start your own conspiracy theory and blaming someone. Let me share this. This world, which hates Jesus, will do anything to keep His truth from becoming reality. But we thank God that He will not allow that to happen. Jesus told us that if the world hated

John 17 - How did Jesus pray?

Sorry, this one is late. I was in Lakeland and the online filters up there didn't allow me to get online like I would have liked. Seems to happen to me pretty much everywhere I go. As I read this chapter, I took not of the title to each passage. #1 Jesus Prays for Himself - Some people feel guilty if they pray for themselves. It isn't selfish to pray for you needs and desires. Selfish presents itself in, "Gimme Gimme Gimme Jesus!) A true hearts say, "Let Your will be done in my life!" #2 Jesus Prays for His Disciples - Or as our devotional author puts it, He prays for the team. Pray for your family, pray for your church, pray for your friends, pray for those whom you work with. Pray that God is glorified through your life into theirs. Pray that their love glorifies God into others. #3 Jesus Prays for All Believers - Jesus didn't know everyone personally. But He knew that they were there. Just because time and distance didn't allow Him the privi

John 15 - I Just Want To Live. John 16 - Praying and the Holy Spirit

John 15 Recently someone walked into my office and said, "I just want to feel alive, I want to live!!" The comment took me off guard because as far as I could tell they were breathing. I knew that they were saying something to the effect, "I want some more adventure in my life, I want to experience more things." But the phrase still struck me odd. The face of the matter is this. People who don't think that they are alive are not connected to the Lifegiver. The one who makes life an adventure. (Read Mark Batterson book - Wild Goose Chase) If there is anything that I know, it is this. If you want to feel alive, ask Jesus into your life in a new and fresh way. You will feel like you got a hold of a live wire! Living is something that Jesus knows how to do and do it well. Don't let your life become boring or stale. Let Him refresh you today! My Prayer Today - Dear Jesus, where my life has gone stale, please refresh. Where my life is dull, sharped it.

Whoa! I Almost Forgot To Blog!!!

What a day today! First of all and most importantly, Jeffery is hone and doing just fine. For those of you who don't know, Jeffery suffers with seizures. He takes medication to keep them a mild as possible, but this morning he took to much and had an adverse reaction. We had to call an ambulance. You know I've been around a lot of emergency calls and I have never seen those guys move so fast in my life. I think that they were caught off guard when we told them and Jeffery goodbye. All this happened during prayer time. Many people came forward but because of this situation we didn't get to pray for them. There are a few things that I believe that God would have us take out of this. #1 - He knew this was going to happen before it happened. So the interruption was divine. #2 - After service someone told me that after learning of Jeffery's need, theirs wasn't such a big deal. It's amazing how these things give us perspective. And #3 is something I thin

John 14 - Peace

It does seem that moments of peace are fleeting in our life. Jesus says in verse 27 "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." Having peace in the midst of life seems impossible. But the peace that Jesus gives us isn't conditional upon circumstances. We think that when all is quite and life isn't trying to destroy us, or at least be uncomfortable, we are at peace. The truth is that even under those circumstances we may not be a peace then either. Being a peace is a condition of our heart not a result of our circumstances. Jesus gives us peace that is everlasting because we know that circumstances and situations are all in His care. We know that no matter what Jesus is in control and that there is nothing on this earth to be afraid of. My Prayer Today: Lord, may I have learned to be a peace in all situations. In a world where we have to fight for our life and

John 13 - Servanthood

Our devotional guide takes us to Jesus' washing the feet of the disciples. After which He asks “Do you understand what I have done for you?” John 13:12 (NIV) I know that most Christians don't understand what Jesus has done for them, because I have a hard time understanding it all. Yes, I do understand His forgiveness, mercy and grace by which I am saved. But there is so much more to it than that. There is healing, purpose, hope, knowledge, power, faith and list goes on. Jesus uses an illustrated lesson to make His point. Serve one another in love. That was what He was doing and that's what He wants us to do. The question is, do we get it? Todays' Prayer: Lord, help me to be the servant you called me to be. Forgive me, for I feel like a disciple with wet feet and a confused look. Sometimes I just don't get it. Help me to overcome my own faults and failures - not that I improve for myself. Improve me for Your Kingdom's sake. In Jesus name I pray -

John 12 - 212 Degrees

This past Sunday I ministered from John 12. The first few verses about Mary anointing Jesus for His burial. There is says “Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.” John 12:3 (NIV) I shared with everyone that 212 degrees is the point where water boils. When water boils, there is steam and steam can move locomotives, generate electricity and so much more. Many people are at 211 degrees in their life. They haven't reached that place where God changes them as liquid turns into steam. Mary was one of those people who applied a few degrees and it changed the rest of her life. Can you imagine, everywhere she went someone would ask, "Are you the Mary who anointed Jesus before He was crucified?" She would have to answer, yes - and with that a witness of Jesus would be established. What I also note about this chapter is some

John 11 - Do The Math

John 11 As we continue to pray and fast we are also reading the book of John. 21 chapters, 21 days. Today is day 11 thus, John 11. Here we see that our devotional key verse is, Our devotional writer points out in verse 22 where Martha says, "But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask." Some have taken that statement to say that Martha believed Jesus would raise Lazarus from the dead. In fact it doesn't. Raising Lazarus from the dead wasn't on the list of options she had thought of. Is wasn't that she didn't believe that He was the Son of God, verse 27 "Yes, Lord," she told him, "I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who was to come into the world." She just didn't think that it would happen this way. Well, if you do the math, Lazarus had died shortly after the messengers sent to get Jesus had left his side. Jesus wasn't going to get there in time to heal Him anyway. That doesn't stop Jesus

Church Loan

I haven't said anything about our pursuit of a loan in the last few months with good reason. We received approval for the loan a couple of months ago, however there were some stipulations that had to be worked out. In the end we are borrowing $165,000 that will cover everything that we need to do. If you were in church Sunday, you already heard all of this, so I am doing this for those of you who haven't had a chance to either hear or respond. Click here for more information and please feel free to call or email me with your questions and comments.

President Obama

Most of the blogs I read are not even commenting on todays events. There are some who think that it isn't relevant to what they are doing. Others probably just don't know what to say, wondering if what they say will be taken correctly or not. My thoughts are few and hopefully clear. As we enter the next four years of this presidency I purpose myself to pray for President Obama. It is no secret to anyone when I say that I don't agree with everything he believes in. Nevertheless I will pray for him and this countries future. I am glad that we have elected an African American president to office. I was very disappointed with Sen. Feinstein comments to open the inauguration. At a time when the world is watching us, political parasitism sticks it ugly head up. Not only did Rick Warren pray in Jesus name, just in case no one caught it, he said it in a few languages. I have noticed already that there are those trying to interpret his prayer where he says, "civility

John 10 - Changing of the Guard

John 10 Maybe it is just me, but I saw some parallels between this Scripture and President Obamas inauguration today. not tyring to over spiritualize things mind you - but something that just stood out to me. Jesus mentions that those who enter the gate "that's Him" do so because they hear and know His voice. All other voices He said led people astray and most didn't follow them. People want to follow a voice. A voice of hope, a voice of freedom, a voice of provision a voice of salvation. They think that a man, an organization, an institution or a tradition is their answer. I am not bashing our new President because people put their faith in him. People have been putting their faith in men and women for thousands of years, this is nothing new. But as before, they will be let down. No I am not prophesying that President Obama will fail. I am telling you that there is no man or woman on this earth that can do what Jesus has done and is doing today. We will c

John 8 and John 9

As we continue our 21 days of prayer and fasting our devotional guide takes us to John 8 (yesterday) and John 9. John 8 The key verse our author uses is verse 12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." The challenge is simple. Where do you need to allow the light of the Holy Spirit to come in and "shine" in your life? True, you may not like what you see, the woman caught in adultery sure didn't, but the results were better than she anticipated. I also want to point out something else of importance. Jesus and the Pharisees were engaging in what was suppose to be a open air debate. It quickly revealed itself for what it was. An argument that no one was going to win. The Pharisees were there to discredit and defeat Jesus. The Pharisees couldn't understand what Jesus was saying because the source of their life wasn't God. (See vers

John 7 - Who You Honor

Our author again make a wonderful observation. In John 7:18 Jesus doesn't take any credit of what He is doing, He instead gives it to God. Jesus makes it clear that He could do nothing unless it was the Fathers will. Do we take credit for what God is doing in and through our lives? I have seen people do this - it isn't long before they are eating their words. Pride still comes before the fall. So what about saying "thank you" when someone compliments you on a great lesson you taught, or a great song you sang. Do you take credit for it or not? It really depends on your motives. I have seen people sing songs about Jesus that moved the masses and they took all the credit for what they did - and rightfully so. They were singing for their own glory and production. While the people were moved and God responded to their faith, it was in spite of the singer. I have seen the same happen to preachers, evangelists and more. Giving credit where credit is due is an hon

John 6 - The testing of our faith

Our author writes, " But God wants to test us – often by questioning not the how, but the where – in this case, even the Who – the solution will come from, God Himself. " Years ago someone once asked me, "What does God have to test ME! Why do I have to go through this, doesn't He know that I believe in Him? I don't need to be tested!" Well they didn't get it, did they? I would suspect that most of us don't either. We do question why we are going through testings of our faith, without asking, when, where, who and how! To believe in God is one thing, but trusting Him is what the testing of our faith is about. Again, if it were all about us then believing in God would be enough. We would have faith and go to heaven some day - The End. But it isn't all about us. It's also about everyone else too! It's about Jesus and what He did for us over 2,000 years ago. Now that we have added this dimension to our lives, we need more than fai

Reaching This World

So I am reading through some my of daily blogs this morning and find a link to The Top 10 list of 2008's Christian bashers by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. Most of these things I knew, some I didn't and found them more than a little disturbing. But what really got my attention was a response to the article which said, "The most accurate WND article title yet. Digging a WND post to expose the hate and bigotry. Come on people. No one is persecuting Christians, but many are responding forcefully (finally) to blind hate, lies and fear." Here is the plan people! If you can't argue Christianity away (which you can't) then make it irrelevant. It's a form of manipulation. We've all had it used on us before at one time or another. So how does the church respond to this! #1 - Make faith relevant. Actions speak louder than words. When we apply our faith with the love of Jesus into other peoples lives - they can't ignore it. #2 - Don&#

John 5 - Long Term Healing

For many people trying to come to terms with suffering and pain is difficult. "If God is so compassionate, why does He let people suffer?" The man at the pool of Bethesda, this was the case. He had been there a long time, but had suffered his whole life with some kind of paralytic condition. Jesus show up on the scene and heals him - but notice that He didn't heal anyone else. In fact, as far as we know this is the only time that Jesus ever healed anyone at the pool of Bethesda. Now if you and me were to plan out Jesus itinerary, wouldn't you go to the local hospital or morgue and clear the place out? Seems like a good idea, but Jesus didn't do that. He healed people one at a time. While I have seen the power of God move on the masses and many people get healed at once, I have also witnessed just as many people not get healed - why? It's not their time yet. That seems like a harsh statement but you have to keep the purpose in context. The healing is

This Is Funny!

You may have seen this before, but I just saw it today.

John 4 - Being Thirsty

Our author points out that the Samaritan woman was an outsider, a social outcast who had been married 5 times and a social reject. She was a Samaritan, Jew didn't get along with Samaritans. She was a woman and Rabbis didn't talk to women publicly. But there we find Jesus talking to, ministering to and accepting this woman as she was. All she wanted was some water, what she discovered was water that refreshed her soul. Many Christians do not experience the refreshing life Jesus has in store for them because they think like the Samaritan woman. Their past makes them an outsider. "I did something years ago, so I don't deserve God's goodness in my life." Their lineage discourages them from accepting Christ. "My great-grandfather was a alcoholic, my grandfather was a alcoholic, my father was a alcoholic, therefore, I will be one too." Their religion prevents them from experience God. "I am a (fill in the name of your religion here) and it

John 2 and John 3

In John 2 (yeserdays devotional reading) our devotions focused on the zeal we are to have for the templ e. The temple was the focus of Jewish life in the New Testament. Activities, relationships and faith all converged into one place. There are those who might cringe at the thought today. The church being a place where lives comes together with purpose and meaning. The our author points out something very important. Not only can the temple be the church, but it is also representative of people. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. I've had many a person tell me that church is great if you can ignore the people. Relationships can be painful, even in church. But to allow our hearts and lives to converge with others is a part of our Christian faith. It is called Koinonia, which mean fellowship, communion - to embrace relationships so close that what happens in another persons life also effects you. It is not surprise to me that people struggle in their zeal for the church

Hungry for God

I am enjoying our devotional through John 1. The author makes some excellent observations, some of which I haven't considered before. In John 1 he talks about being hungry in the Spirit. Something else that struck me too is this. When we are hungry we do something about it. If we are really hungry we tend to announce to the whole world our need. In fact we can get so hungry we will do whatever it takes to overcome the pains of hunger. So if we are willing to do this for our physical body, why don't we do this for our spiritual man? Mark Batterson wrote on his blog today. "On January 12, 1723, Jonathan Edwards made a solemn dedication of Himself to God. It was one of the defining moments of His life. And I'll share the written vow in a moment. Few people have left the kind of legacy that Jonathan Edwards did. He is famous for his sermons, including Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, that helped spark the Great Awakening. He graduated from Yale at 13 as vale


As we enter these 21 days of prayer and fasting, I encourage you to keep a journal of what you are praying about and for. The reason for this is simple. We don't remember what we had for lunch last Thursday and we tend to forget what we prayed about a few days ago. It isn't a sin to forget - but if God answers your prayer, but you don't remember - how can you give Him credit for it? So get a note pad and pen. Write down in bullet points if you so desire what you are praying about. At the end of the 21 days, then read your notes. You will be surprised to find out that God not only answers prayer, He answered your prayer.

World Won - Soul Zero

Matthew 16:26 What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? The interesting thing about the blogosphere is that it not only reconnects you to people whom time and distance have separated your from, but it also helps you to discover who they are again. What are they doing and what is happening in their lives everyday? After a while, some of them even allow a portion of their heart to be revealed. It all unwinds like a soap opera from day to day. Except it's all real, or as real as that person allows it to be. I have mourned over the loss of a friend or the pain of a tragedy in someone's life. I have been shocked at how some lives have unfolded. Nothing bad mind you, just didn't see that coming. I am happy for them and thankful that God has blessed them with a hope and a future. But what has sadden me again and again is the number of people who have abandon the values of Christ. Wh

Why Are We Praying and Fasting?

Why pray and fast? Well why do you go to work? Why do you eat lunch? For most Christians they don't understand that prayer and fasting is as essential as eating and breathing. All through the Old and New Testament you find people praying and fasting, but for what? Why are they doing this? These saints of God understood something that many of us miss today. Big change requires big acts of faith. God has provided a way for us to express BIG faith to Him. Prayer and Fasting. What needs to change in your life? What big problem are you facing that only God can deal with? What it is that is defeating you that needs to be turned over to God? This has been said before, but it bears repeating again. We treat our faith like a microwave. 1 minutes and 30 seconds of prayer with God should get all the results we require. But it isn't that way! God doesn't own any microwaves, He only owns crock-pots. And then they seem to be all set on low. So what do you need to pray

The National Championship, Tebow and God

When it comes to football I love one team. The Arkansas Razorbacks. I was raised just north of Fayetteville and was saying Woo Pig Sooie before I could walk. So when the Razorbacks, who didn't have a great season this year, faded away - so did my attention span for college football. Until this morning. I read this article in the Orlando Sentinel about the Gators quarterback Tim Tebow and his faith in God. At first I thought that they were going to skewer the poor guy, but . . . well read it for yourself here. FYI - I really don't like Oklahoma at all. So I can't believe I'm saying this! Go Gators!

Prayer and Fasting

Here are few thoughts as we prepare to pray and fast next week. For most people they get all stressed out about what kind of fast they are going to participate in and when they are going to do it. But here are what I think the most important questions that you need to answer are. #1 - Why are you praying and fasting? The reason(s) are important. As much as you need to know what kind of fast you are going to participate in, you also need to know what you are praying for. It is healing? Provision for an important need? Another persons salvation? Is it to deepen your personal relationship with Jesus? Take the time to think this through then write them down somewhere. As you enter a season of prayer and fasting the enemy likes to distract you from your purpose, thus nullifying your sacrifice. #2 - How big of a fight is your flesh putting up? In other words, when you hear the words "prayer and fasting" what is your mind and body saying? "Oh no, not that again!" "N

Ministers Fellowship

We had a great time today at our minister fellowship. Teen Challenge of Jupiter hosted it and everything was great. A great big thanks to Greg and Essie Del Valle, directors, for lunch and to the girls who prepared and served the meal. Time spent together is well worth it. Meeting new people and catching up with friends is a ministry in and of itself. It was a great and relaxing time for everyone. I don't know about you, but I needed this especially after the holidays. Whew! For those of you who would like to know about future events you can do the following. Send your email to me or Calvin Lyerla and we will place you on our email list. If your on Facebook, join the group Section 15 Assembly of God Ministers. You do not have to be a minister of Section 15 to join. Or keep watching my blog over the next couple of weeks. We are currently revamping our sections blog and its name.

2009 is off and running!

So yesterday morning I get up and my wife looks at me and says, "We're going to Coral Spring." Now for those of you who are married you will understand this. It was that tone of voice that you don't mess with. You say, OK and gas up the car. So we drove about an hour to our favorite chicken wing restaurant. (Yes, it was worth it.) Went to the Sawgrass Mills Mall where Anneka cleaned up on clothes and toys. (Clearance Sales and KB Toys going out of business sale) Then we turned her loose on the Eurobungee. This contraption that straps her in a harness then lets her jump on a trampoline as much as she wants. She got about 15 - 20 feet high. Then this morning I'm off to our first ministers meeting for the new year. We are meeting a Teen Challenge in jupiter. This TC is for teenage girls. The directors, the Del Valles, are doing a great job and deserve all the support we can give them. The rest of this week I am going to be blogging about prayer and fas

Holidays Are Officially Over

Wow! Do things look bare after you take the Christmas decorations down. But that's the way it works. Leaving the Christmas decorations up for Easter just isn't a good idea. So life starts to get back to normal (whatever that was) and everyone is getting back to work or school. So here we go - 2009 is here and only 361 days to go!

Get Back Up

Some of you might have seen this - but this was a first for me. A great way to start 2009 in my opinion. Thanks Randy for sending this to me.