When Life Will Not Cooperate

For the last two days (and it's to early to determine if today will be three). Life has not cooperated with my schedule one bit. Oh, I got a couple of things done here and there, but for the most part I'm so behind I'm about to lap myself. Not that anything else I had to do wasn't important or necessary. (Alright, I wasn't that excited about jury duty.) I found myself getting really mad about some of it towards the end. I had to stop for a minute and ask myself why I was acting like the master of the universe and if I were, then isn't all of this my fault? I started to laugh. As the dust settled yesterday evening I knew I had to get away from this for a little while and enjoy life! So I took myself and my family out to eat to a new restaurant. I ordered what ever I wanted (I knew this wasn't an expensive restaurant.) I enjoy ever minute of conversation with my daughter, my wife, the waitress, the manager and the hostess. Then I came home. Nope nothing changed. My office is still a wreck. My schedule is backed up. I should start getting the irritated phone calls from people who I haven't returned their messages. Oh, one thing did change. My attitude. When life will not cooperate, attitude is everything!!