Truths You Can Count On - Part 3

I conclude this series with the last three parts of the list of sayings I have learned to trust.
• Ministry comparing is fatal to happiness. We compare everything about ourselves and our lives to someone or something else. I am getting to the point where I think it is just a part of our sinful nature. Who God created you to be and what God created you to do isn't just like what someone else is doing. It is the uniqueness of how God created us that allows Him to reach every part of this world with His Gospel. So when you compare yourself or this church to someone else or another church. You will always seem to be the loser in the comparison. Why? Because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
• Fasting has an incredible impact on my inner man. You have to try this one in order to get it. While many people fast in order to change a situation or circumstance. Try fasting for you. Just you. "Lord change me, speak to me, help me, give me revelation about my life, teach me, empower me, make me more like You!" A dangerous prayer, but those are the best kind!
• "Time" forces wisdom and knowledge to surface. Time is a tool in the hands of God. We mange it, but He creates it. Some call it age and experience. But I have found out, "over time" that not everyone with age or experience is better off for it. Age and experience is good when God is in it. Be patient. Time is your friend and it will bring to you what you need in "good time."