Truths You Can Count On - Part 1

On the wall of my office are a list of sayings that I received from a pastor nearly 25 years ago. Over time each and everyone of these have proven their value.

• Crisis preceded promotion. We get so involved in the crisis that we cannot see that God is doing something through it that will promote our life and faith. Remember that God is in everything! Promotion isn't necessarily about our comfort but it will always be about our faith. Crisis is the fire that proves and purifies us. The word tells us to be faithful in the little things - even if they are a crisis.

• Stagnation give birth to revelation. This one is tough. We sometimes call these "desert experiences". We feel that we are in a place where God isn't. It's dry and lifeless. The only thing that you have to go on is your faith and that doesn't seem like much. But believe me, it is from these places that some of the greatest men and women of God have emerged to become great witnesses for the Kingdom of God.

• Absorption is internal progress. This goes to learning. Being teachable means that you have an open heart and mind to what God has in store for you. When you are not teachable, you cannot absorb what God is offering you. Going to church or Bible study will not get the job done. Learning is something that you have to do within and the change that it brings is something that you have to accept. Otherwise you will never progress.