Things Are Going To Change

There are very few people that I know who create change in their life just because they want to. Most of us create change out of need. We buy a new car when the old one dies. We buy new clothes when people start laughing at us for wearing parachute pants. God is a God who creates change. The paradox to us is, the God who never changes is the God who creates change. Seems unfair to some, but think about this. If we are going to change, what's the goal, the purpose of doing it. Our purpose is to be more like Jesus. Therefore, He must be the same yesterday, today and forever if we are ever going to become like Him. think about it, iif God was changing all the time, we wouldn't know what to do next.

Now this bring me to my point. You probably know when change is about to happen in your life. There are signals that we can see and experience that tell us something is about to happen. When the transmission beings to slip in the car - you know something expensive is about to take place. When you hear your child's voice begin to change you know hormones are about to kick in and life is going to change. So what are some things that you can look for that tell you God is about to change your life?

1. What use to work, doesn't. Systems, the way you organize yourself. How you manage your money. You sleep schedule, etc. All of a sudden you notice that none of it is working.
2. Devotions begin to change their dynamic. People react differently to impending change. Some embrace it (I would suggest that's what you do.) Some bury their head in the sand. (Not the best option.) As change begins to approach, something about your time with God will being to adapt to what is happening. Because some people despise change, they tend to abandon their devotional life. Same is true for number 3.
3. Prayer life begins to heat up or cool down. Change sometimes comes as a result of prayer. Sometimes you need to be praying through the changes as they happen. Sometimes you need to be "prayed up" [prepared] for change through prayer. Regardless of which one you may find yourself in, remember, never, never quit praying.
4. Defense systems have to adapt to new and different kinds of attacks. Most of us know what our weaknesses are. A life time of defending yourself against common temptations would suggest that you are prepared to meet it head on. But as your life changes, so does the enemies tactics against you. I have noticed that sometimes this is a leading indicator that a great spiritual change is about to take place in my life and Satan is trying to steal it away from be before it happens.
5. Contentment gets a holy push over the edge. Paul tells us to be content in everything. But this comes from a guy whose life was anything but normal but our definition. We can become content with our well doing so much that we never change or grow. It is in those times that the Holy Spirit will "push" us out of our comfort zone and change our lives in some significant way. The purpose of doing this is clear. We must rely more on him than our contentment.