Name That Kidney Stone Contest

For some reason, many of you want to name my kidney stone. So here's what I will do. Between now and friday leave your suggestions below. The winner will get a $20 gift certificate to Starbucks.

Names entered so far.

Grunting Rock
Ura Paine

Leave your suggestion in the comment box below.


Betty said…
From Flossie

How about Gib short for Gibraltar

Flossie :)
Russ Jones said…
Some of you are submitting via email. Firewalls are keeping them from commenting. That's ok.

Here is one:

I submit "Mick Jagger" as the name for that pesky stone. (Randy Shurr)
Russ Jones said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon said…
How about Kid Rock?

Kid- short for kidney
Rock- derivative for stone

Sharon @ A Hoosier Family
Anonymous said…
Petra - Hebrew for stone or rock

Pat Scanlon
Betty said…
From Rita Martinez via FB
Diamond in the Rough
Betty said…
From Deana Clawson via FB

sarahdrinkschai said…
I think I'd just call him Junior.
Russ Jones said…
how about "TRIPSY", you know, lithotripsy (sp?), which is a possible alternative to "delivering" the little jewel...
Anonymous said…
How about "TREY" since it is your third one!
Betty said…
From Tina Engle via e-mail...

How about "Old Geezer" for the stone?

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