Kidney Stones

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. But I didn't feel good from the time I got up. It was my day off so I took it easy. Around 5 p.m. yesterday I got this sharp pain that made me cross my eyes and pray, I mean pray! I knew what it was and I had to go to the hospital. Kidney stone! Well I got home at 12:30 a.m. this morning and apparently I have passed the thing - the proof hasn't arrived yet. But the doctor told me the stone is about 3mm in size. That should get my attention! I'm going to have the thing bronzed, mounted on a plaque and hang it on my office wall. You should be proud of anything you make that hurts that much. Hmm! I wonder if this applies to our kids too. Anyhow, I'll blog more about this. There are pics of me while on pain killers. This should be good. Going to go drink some more water now. Oh! Have I ever told you I hate the taste of water?


Robin Hicks said…
My husband has had over 50 and is only 38. We know what you are going through and will pray you never face another!
Sharon said…
Well, thank you for not showing us your purple urine, as I've seen some do. Ah-hum. ;)

So sorry you've gone through it. I couldn't imagine.

I can't stand plain water either.

And I'm looking fwd to the on meds pics.