I was watching some of that wonderful weather they are experiencing up north and saw all those show drifts. Yell at me all you want about living in hurricane country. But I'm not shoveling snow. Brrrr! Being that I was raised in a place where snow fell, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot, I found that drifts were sneaky and deceptive. What were they hiding in there? One minute there was a drift and the next minute it's gone. Some people are like a snow drift - you don't know why they are there and the next minute they are gone. We tend to be hard on people who are that way, but to be quite honest I don't think it's that hard for any of us to drift away from God.

We can get caught up in stuff that doesn't have to do anything with God, but it's all in the name of God. Like Christmas. Most of Christmas isn't about Jesus. So the meaning of Christmas has drifted away from our culture and many Christians. Someone told me today that they said "Merry Christmas" to someone and that person rebuked them for saying it. Things are a mess. But drifting to and from whatever pleases people isn't going to solve anything. Jesus is the only reason why we celebrate Christmas. Turn your heart and life into Jesus for the next few days. Ask yourself what you are going to do this year that is going to honor God. Make a statement of faith that makes a difference. Get my drift?