All About Jury Duty

I really didn't mind that I had to go to jury duty yesterday. As the judge said, there is really only 2 things that your country asks of you. One is pay taxes and the other is jury duty. Now if I could go to jury duty and not pay taxes, I think all of us would do that. The system is a little annoying, but I do understand it. It's designed to move people as fast and as efficiently as they can. But I couldn't help but think that somehow I had time warped back to grade school. Being called by name, stand in line where you are told, led from room to room in single file, assigned seats, no talking. I started looking for Mrs. Gates, my 4th grade teacher after a while. Every break we got was a quick chance to return to adulthood and be yourself for a few minutes. Everyone was nice, polite and patient. As we were told, the wheels of justice would not turn at all if we didn't show up. I don't know how many trials there were schedule today, but at the end of the day only the one I was assigned to was left. Everyone else either pled out or had their charges dropped.

The lawyers grilling of the jurors was a thought provoking process. Especially from one of the attorneys. I hadn't seen that particular style of interviewing before. Sharp lawyer I thought. I have a feeling that the sparks are going to fly on this one. When the interview process was over, we were excused and told that we would return in 15 minutes. 15 minutes came and went, as well as 30 and 45. Finally the bailiff came out and called 8 names. 6 jurors and 2 alternates. As they were escorted back into the court room, someone from the jury pool said, "Many are called but few are chosen." We were thanked for our participation, told that we did do something significant - that our presence alone was enough to make the wheels of justice turn. As we were leaving I honestly thought I was at a Pentecostal revival meeting. All I could hear from the people around me, (The ones who we're chosen) was. "Praise God!" "Thank you Jesus!" "Glory, Hallelujah!" You see! God is still in our system of government!