Rom 13 Pt. 3

If you have not watched Dr. Woods video below. I suggest that you take the time to do so now. He recorded it before the election.

Again, God's timing is always perfect, nothing happens by accident. When I opened my Bible to read my devotions and discovered that Romans 13 would be the theme for the week - I knew that God was in it.

There is no doubt that the Roman rulership of that day were wicked and twisted. It wasn't a society where people had the right to speak, assemble and vote like we do. They placed no value on life, except their own. They believed that their gods were the greatest, they were the smartest and that they were the best. They had crossed the line so far, their pride and arrogance so great that their fall from power was coming soon. In our form of government we still have the right to speak out, vote and assemble to disagree. But the Roman Christians changed their world without doing any of those things. What did they do?

Live like Jesus lived. Love one another, build a Godly community of believers, live the life that Jesus asked you to live, give of yourselves to others generously, pray and believe that God can and will do miracles, tell others the good news about Jesus, give people a hope and tell them that there is a better future in store for them.

Building relationships influenced a society that eventually changed the world. The Kingdom of God is advanced one person at a time. This has been and will be our call now. God hasn't changed because we have a new president. Our plan is still the same. Give hope and build a future.